What We Charge


Standard agency terms of 1.35% plus VAT (1.62% including VAT) no sale, no fee (with you as vendor doing the viewings.   Different terms apply if you want us to do the viewings).  This is on a sole selling rights basis only.  

In recognition of the fact that quite often people selling properties worth more than £500,000 in the area get unjustifiably penalised due to the "percentage charged" system in common use with estate agents we have introduced a 1% plus vat (1.2% including vat, sole selling rights only) no sale no fee arrangement for all properties initially marketed with us at £500,000 or more, thus going some way to helping potential clients when the time comes to sell their most valuable asset.



Occasionally, but very rarely, we may agree to market a property on a "multi agency" basis (this is where we market a property in addition to one or more other agents at the same time).

Firstly,in over 16 years of selling houses in this area our experience tells us that this option is not usually very satisfactory. As a house seller you would normally pay at least 0.5 % more than when using just one agent to sell your house ie 1.85% (this can add up to thousands of pounds extra in commission fees)

Secondly, we only trust a very small number of other estate agents in the local area to act with honesty, integrity and decency when undertaking multi agency agreements which we are involved in, so again based on numerous "bad" experiences with other agents we tend to only do sole selling rights contracts, except in very exceptional circumstances.

If an agent, like ourselves, advertises your property on the largest property portals in the country, has highly visible high street offices, advertises your property in the local papers, has proactive and very experienced staff with local knowledge..........WHY GO MULTI AGENCY ? SAVE YOUR MONEY !!